Monthly Archives: April 2012

Tucson Newborn Photography


This sweet girl was just 15 days old. She was completely adored by her big sister. Grandma and Grandpa were there to help out too. This little bundle of joy is going to have plenty of TLC!I like to keep things very simple with minimal props when I shoot. I love using things that are already in the space or nearby things as impromptu props.  Mom and grandma picked these colorful flowers from the garden outside. I love what they add to the image. Beautiful. Pure. Natural.

This feet shot is one of mom’s favorites! Mine too!

Tucson Children’s Photography


This blog would not be complete without this trio! I first met this family when I was working at a photo studio in Chicago. I met them as each child came along, one-by-one, when mom & dad would bring them in for photos as they were born. Soon after I moved to Tucson, I found out that they moved here too and they needed a photographer! I was thrilled to continue the tradition here and I am so happy to watch their family grow!

These 3 are AH-DOR-ABLE! They have temporary tattoos, missing teeth and witty comments. They tease, play, giggle… They do all the things that siblings do. They are a close family and I love seeing them each year. I can’t wait to meet #4!