Tucson Family Portrait Photography

Tucson Family Portrait Photography

I was told recently, by a mom of three children, that parents lie when they say they don’t have a favorite child. I wonder if everyone who has multiple children feels the same. I only have one child so I don’t know for sure.

However I am a photographer with multiple clients! I definitely have favorites and this family is at the top of the list. I adore this family.




When I managed a photo studio in Chicago they were clients there, when their family was just beginning. It was pure coincidence that they relocated to Tucson around the same time I did. They called the Chicago studio for a reference for a photographer in Tucson and learned that I was here too. They have honored me with photographing their family ever since.

Untitled-2I have watched all of these children start as babies and grow into their expressive, comical personalities. I have also watched their mom and dad navigate the parenting ship with a down-to-earth perspective and a great sense of humor. They are “real”. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They are kind. They are generous. They are adventurous. They are creative. They appreciate photography and art.



I love getting their phone call each year for family photos! It doesn’t get better than this!


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