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Tucson Baby & Family Portrait Photography

Tucson Baby & Family Portrait Photography

There is a new-ish and important business in town called Milk and Honey Breastfeeding and Postpartum Support, co-owned by Nina Isaac and Crissi Blake. When I was a new mom, Nina was a huge support when all I wanted to do in life, at that moment, was nourish my baby. Breastfeeding isn’t always as intuitive as you might imagine. There are complications, difficulties and fears. Nina was there to assess and reassure and it made all the difference. I owe much of my postpartum sanity to her!

Nina and Crissi are busy in their new business helping moms bond with their babies through breastfeeding. They are comforting and caring. They are patient. They listen. They are a much-needed addition to our community.

That is why I wanted to work with them to raise money for a fund they created within their business. It is called “The Honey Pot” and helps underserved moms benefit from their services. We did a morning of mini photo sessions that were donated to the fund. These are a sampling of some of the sweet families that visited us that morning.






Tucson Event Photography

Tucson Event Photography

The fall and winter months are busy and bustling with photo projects. I focus my time on photographing and editing and don’t spend a moment on updating blog posts or sharing all the great things I am working on. I save that for the beginning of the year when I have a little more time to breathe. Let’s begin with an important one!

Every fall the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern Arizona hosts a couple fundraising events. This year they did something new and put on their annual wine event at The House. People were able to tour the lobby, kitchen, dining and outdoor areas of the Ronald McDonald House. They were able to get a feel for the care provided for the families that stay there. They were able to meet some of the staff that create the warm, nurturing and loving environment that make the Ronald McDonald House so essential to children who are healing.



They always put on a lively event, with food, music (Adara Rae & the Homewreckers), a silent auction and a space to mingle and enjoy the evening. Sean and Amy Miller, along with other local “heros”, are long-time supporters and often in attendance at these important events.







To learn more about this great organization, to volunteer, to donate or to attend one of their spectacular events, visit their website at:

Tucson Newborn Baby Portrait Photography


When I photograph a newborn baby I don’t get too into dolling them up with clothing or props. There is an inherent beauty in the stillness, the newness, the peacefulness, the wisdom, the fragility and even the cries. I like to sit with them and wait for their quick expressions to come and go. They have their own magic that surrounds them. They are perfect as is. They can be dressed up and when they are older, during playtime or Halloween. When they are new, life is simple and beautiful for them. I like to cherish that simplicity in their first photos.









All photos © 2015 Urban Abstrakt, Inc.

Tucson Portrait Photography



I am offering one day of Mini Sessions. This is the perfect, quick and easy way, to get your family together for the holiday card photos, photos to send to relatives or just to document how great you are at this very moment. You will be glad you took the 20 minutes to do it.

Space is limited. Email me for available times: Portrait Photography

Tucson Pregnant Portrait Photography


Do you ever take photos, but have one image that stays in your mind well after you? This is one of those images for me. Although I went there with the intention of taking beautiful pregnant portraits at sunset, I never knew it would be this good! The sunsets here are often incredible but it’s a roll-of-the-dice to find out if I will get one that is perfect. This happened to be a lucky day. The temperatures were cool, in comparison to the oven-like heat of the day. The pregnant momma was happy and comfortable enough to get just the right angle. Then the magic happened!

Tucson Pregnant Portrait PhotographySoon after the sun fell behind the mountains, there was a beautiful golden light behind us that allowed for a few more minutes of shooting.

There is nothing like the mountains and sunsets in the southwest!

All Photos: © 2015 Urban Abstrakt, Inc.

Tucson Portrait Photography

Tucson Portrait Photography

Just in time for the holidays!

I will be photographing moms and babies at the new breastfeeding and postpartum support center in Tucson,   Milk and Honey.

The Mini Photo Session event will be on Sunday, November 15th.

Milk and Honey will be having an Open House this Thursday, August 27th where you can sign up!

Tucson Portrait PhotographyAll Photos: © 2015 Urban Abstrakt, Inc.

Tucson Portrait Photography


I get so busy photographing and making beautiful images for people that I don’t sit down to show all these special moments! This is another from my “catching-up” effort to post sessions that weren’t posted last year. I will weave them in with the recent work.

These little guys were learning quickly their new role as brothers.

Tucson Newborn & Child Photography

There was a stir of excitement in the air with all the changes in the house. Mom was balancing her time between the two – quiet and nurturing  with the newborn and playful and attentive with his big brother.

Tucson Newborn & Child Photography Tucson Newborn & Child Photography

Big brother was gentle and calm when he was near the baby, but he spared no time showing me his drawing skills and bouncing around on Mom and Dad’s bed.

Tucson Newborn & Child Photography


Tucson Newborn & Child Photography


Tucson Newborn & Child Photography


Children change so quickly in the first few years, and as new parents, who has time to capture all those sweet moments? Parents are too busy chasing around little ones, changing diapers, cleaning up crayon art on the walls and playing pat-a-cake so the little hands stay out of the potty!

To ensure you don’t miss those toothless smiles, the smirk of mischief and the consoling hugs, schedule an appointment for a photo session today. You will thank yourself when you are even busier next year!