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Tucson Baby & Family Portrait Photography

Tucson Baby & Family Portrait Photography

There is a new-ish and important business in town called Milk and Honey Breastfeeding and Postpartum Support, co-owned by Nina Isaac and Crissi Blake. When I was a new mom, Nina was a huge support when all I wanted to do in life, at that moment, was nourish my baby. Breastfeeding isn’t always as intuitive as you might imagine. There are complications, difficulties and fears. Nina was there to assess and reassure and it made all the difference. I owe much of my postpartum sanity to her!

Nina and Crissi are busy in their new business helping moms bond with their babies through breastfeeding. They are comforting and caring. They are patient. They listen. They are a much-needed addition to our community.

That is why I wanted to work with them to raise money for a fund they created within their business. It is called “The Honey Pot” and helps underserved moms benefit from their services. We did a morning of mini photo sessions that were donated to the fund. These are a sampling of some of the sweet families that visited us that morning.







Tucson Pregnant Portrait Photography


Do you ever take photos, but have one image that stays in your mind well after you? This is one of those images for me. Although I went there with the intention of taking beautiful pregnant portraits at sunset, I never knew it would be this good! The sunsets here are often incredible but it’s a roll-of-the-dice to find out if I will get one that is perfect. This happened to be a lucky day. The temperatures were cool, in comparison to the oven-like heat of the day. The pregnant momma was happy and comfortable enough to get just the right angle. Then the magic happened!

Tucson Pregnant Portrait PhotographySoon after the sun fell behind the mountains, there was a beautiful golden light behind us that allowed for a few more minutes of shooting.

There is nothing like the mountains and sunsets in the southwest!

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