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Tucson Family Portrait Photography

Tucson Family Portrait Photography

I was told recently, by a mom of three children, that parents lie when they say they don’t have a favorite child. I wonder if everyone who has multiple children feels the same. I only have one child so I don’t know for sure.

However I am a photographer with multiple clients! I definitely have favorites and this family is at the top of the list. I adore this family.




When I managed a photo studio in Chicago they were clients there, when their family was just beginning. It was pure coincidence that they relocated to Tucson around the same time I did. They called the Chicago studio for a reference for a photographer in Tucson and learned that I was here too. They have honored me with photographing their family ever since.

Untitled-2I have watched all of these children start as babies and grow into their expressive, comical personalities. I have also watched their mom and dad navigate the parenting ship with a down-to-earth perspective and a great sense of humor. They are “real”. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They are kind. They are generous. They are adventurous. They are creative. They appreciate photography and art.



I love getting their phone call each year for family photos! It doesn’t get better than this!


With sadness…


Our world is missing one sweet dog today. Jazmin passed away this morning, unexpectedly, in her sleep. Her “best friend”, Rick, is our friend and hair stylist. Sometimes Rick would bring Jazmin in to work which was always a treat. She was a gentle and patient with our daughter’s childish and curious hands. She was well-behaved and clamly watched and waited for Rick to finish his day of work. She was a loyal and adoring companion to Rick.

Tucson Pet Portrait Photography

Losing a pet is heartbreaking. They are with you through the good times and the bad times. They aways have a wagging tale to remind you that things will be okay. They are the experts of leisure and insist that we slow down, relax and play. They live in a simple and basic mindset and encourage us to do the same.

When they pass away, there is a quietness and an emptiness. You feel such a deep sadness. Sometimes you feel physically sick. It’s painful.

The only thing that helps is passing time. You look at photographs. People tell you to hang onto the memories. You eventually begin talking about them in past tense. But you don’t want any of those things. All you long for is to be holding your healthy dog again, planning youe evening walk or another game of fetch. As with any loss, getting through small pieces of time – minutes, then hours, then days – is all that you need to do.

After time has passed, you are able to come back to those memories and those photographs and remember the bittersweet love shared. Healing happens inevitably. We are comforted and feel close by memories and little tangible things – the collar they wore, the paw print the vet sometimes makes, their bed, their food bowls and the photographs.

Tucson Pet Portrait Photography

We took these photos in May of 2012. It was meant to be a headshot but Rick didn’t want to have a photo shoot without his sweet  Jazmin.

Tucson Pet Portrait Photography

Here’s to your best friend, Rick. May you meet up again.

Tucson Portrait Photography


You know how there are just some things that come together and work? It’s like the outfit that fits perfectly and looks great, or the meal that is healthy, simple to prepare, and amazes your guests, or the day when you wake up early, get your workout in, get your desk tidied up and and have a great evening with family or friends. That is the feeling I get each time I photograph this family!

It just works.

We have been doing this for several years now, so the familiarity and comfort helps. But even without that, they are an adorable bunch, and each one has a personality that shines.

Tucson Portrait Photography       Tucson Portrait Photography
I’m not saying it’s all easy. It’s noisy. There is plenty of running and exercise on my part. Sometimes there is some crying…the kids, the parents, or me!Tucson Portrait Photography

But in the end it’s magical! Every single time.
Tucson Portrait Photography

Every session is exciting and unique. I can hardly wait to see the photos we make from the next one!

The monsoon rains have moved in and cooler weather is around the corner. This is the time to begin planning for your fall photo sessions. Current clients have already reserved their spots. Email for availability Rachel@UrbanAbstrakt.com.

Tucson Portrait Photography


Last Chance to Schedule Your Photo Session

Finish Your Holiday Cards Before Thanksgiving!

Tucson Portrait Photography

You haven’t done your family portrait yet? No problem!
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Urban Abstrakt Photography, Macy’s & Pear Tree Greetings unite!

Urban Abstrakt Photography, Macy’s & Pear Tree Greetings unite!

Are you in a big city? Go to Macy’s. Go NOW! You can see some fabulous Urban Abstrakt photography and save $10 on custom photo cards from the 2013 LOUIE Award winner, Pear Tree Greetings. (My photos are the ones of the adorable kids in blue, red & green.)

Look for the display and tear-off sheets at the register…

Tucson Family Portrait Photography

Tucson Family Portrait Photography

or find the banner in the Trim-A-Tree section…

Tucson Family Portrait Photography

These are only in select stores. In the Phoenix area they are in the Biltmore and Paradise Valley stores.

Are they are in your Macy’s?

Tucson Engagement Portrait Photography


We did this engagement photo session during a cool AZ evening with the soft light of the setting sun. These two are hilarious and sweet all at once! They both have a great sense of humor and compliment each other perfectly.

They had some fun ideas they wanted to try out. It all worked fabulously!

The moments when they were just talking to each other and spending time together were when the magic happened.

I am so excited these two have found each other and will be sharing their lives together!

Happy Wedding!