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Tucson Event Photography

Tucson Event Photography

Each year I allocate time and resources to give back to the community. I am fortunate in my personal life and my business, and I try to do my part to help others. A few weeks ago, I helped photograph the Special Olympics of Arizona Tennis Tournament, held at the Tucson Racquet Club. If you haven’t worked with the Special Olympics you are missing out. This event was expertly organized by Holly Thompson who has over 2 decades of experience working with Special Olympics. It’s not only a well-orchestrated event, but it is also a gathering of people who are passionate and kind.

IMG_0896-2The athletes were skilled and focused. They brought their A-game. They loved the competition and the sport. Some showed up with big hopes of winning, but all were there to have fun. Untitled-5









This event was one of many they organize. If you would like to get involved, browse their events page and contact them. They would love the support and it might mean the world to someone you haven’t even met yet.

Tucson Event Photography

Tucson Event Photography

As planning for the 30th Great Tucson Beer Festival in Tucson is well underway, I will share photos from the event last October. This fundraising event is put on each year by the Tucson chapter of Sun Sounds of Arizona. They are an organization that has been around since 1979. They provide audio access to print media (newspapers, magazines, books, etc.) to people in the Southwest who cannot read print because they have a disability. The services are crucial to helping people keep up with current events and continue pursuing their goals and dreams.

This cause is near and dear to my heart because my wife has visual impairment. She knew how to read braille when she was young and used audio assistance to get through college. Fortunately her condition hasn’t degraded enough to inhibit her day-to-day activities.

My wife often jokes that my longest client since living in Tucson, the Beer Festival organizer, has never seen one of my photos! I am guessing others have told her I do a decent job.




Become their friend on Facebook. Be part of this year’s band search contest. Join the celebration this year, October 1, 2016. Purchase your tickets today to support a great cause!

Tucson, Phoenix Portrait & Event Photography

Tucson, Phoenix Portrait & Event Photography

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Phoenix, getting ready to photograph a headshot, when I stumbled upon this fantastic band, Riverside Cathedral. They are a lively and engaging group. The accordion player, Tatiana Crespo, was making a guest appearance and was a delight.


I always feel lucky to stumble upon great entertainers!




Thank you for the great show!

Tucson Event Photography

Tucson Event Photography

The fall and winter months are busy and bustling with photo projects. I focus my time on photographing and editing and don’t spend a moment on updating blog posts or sharing all the great things I am working on. I save that for the beginning of the year when I have a little more time to breathe. Let’s begin with an important one!

Every fall the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern Arizona hosts a couple fundraising events. This year they did something new and put on their annual wine event at The House. People were able to tour the lobby, kitchen, dining and outdoor areas of the Ronald McDonald House. They were able to get a feel for the care provided for the families that stay there. They were able to meet some of the staff that create the warm, nurturing and loving environment that make the Ronald McDonald House so essential to children who are healing.



They always put on a lively event, with food, music (Adara Rae & the Homewreckers), a silent auction and a space to mingle and enjoy the evening. Sean and Amy Miller, along with other local “heros”, are long-time supporters and often in attendance at these important events.







To learn more about this great organization, to volunteer, to donate or to attend one of their spectacular events, visit their website at: http://rmhctucson.org/.

Tucson Portrait Photography

Tucson Portrait Photography

Just in time for the holidays!

I will be photographing moms and babies at the new breastfeeding and postpartum support center in Tucson,   Milk and Honey.

The Mini Photo Session event will be on Sunday, November 15th.

Milk and Honey will be having an Open House this Thursday, August 27th where you can sign up!

Tucson Portrait PhotographyAll Photos: © 2015 Urban Abstrakt, Inc.

Tucson Event Photography


Happy 30th Anniversary to Sun Sounds of Tucson! On Monday, I had the privilege of photographing The Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce ushering in the ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate with Sun Sounds.

“Sun Sounds of Arizona is a radio reading service serving the state of Arizona. It is an outreach service of Rio Salado College in Tempe, Arizona, with additional offices in Tucson, Flagstaff and Yuma.

Sun Sounds was founded in 1979 to allow visually impaired people in Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun access to print media. It expanded to Tucson and southern Arizona in 1979, adding northern Arizona in 1995 and southwestern Arizona in 2011.

It was named as one of George H. W. Bush‘s “thousand points of light” in 1992.[1]

Sun Sounds can be heard on specially configured radios provided to its members, as well as on a telephone access system and via podcast. Sun Sounds’ central and southern Arizona feeds can be streamed worldwide on the Internet, while the southwestern Arizona feed is available on Time Warner Cable‘s Yuma system. The central Arizona feed can also be heard on sister station KBAQ‘s third HD channel.” -Wikipedia

They are an amazing group of people who have a passion for the work they do and they people they help.


Tucson Event Photography

Tucson Event PhotographyTucson Event Photography

Tucson Event Photography

All Photo: © 2015 Urban Abstrakt, Inc